www.fotonepal.com Nripa Dhoj Khadka is a senior instructor of Electronics and Computer Engineering at Institute of Engineering (IOE) for the last 25 years on every weekday and a passionate nature photographer on weekdays and free days which has been over 30 years. He was known for sharing knowledge about photography with anyone who has yearn to learn. A conservationist by nature, he advocates conservation through his pictures.
www.kblimbuphoto.com Photography, to him is an obsession and therefore he likes to explore new ventures in the field of 'graphic communication'. Formal education is only guideline says he, and like in any art, photography has no special boundary in its beginning and end. Every artist must train and evolve his/her own approach to establish him/her self as an artist, which can only be possible after years of hard work, training and experience. His main subjects of interest are landscape, people and nature. USM
www.luminousnepal.com Working as technical support for Canon in Nepal, he is a self taught person specializing in documentary, festival and macro photography. Self motivation and passion for photography are key to his success.
www.rajukofoto.com Raju Bhandari works include industrial, commercial, food, landscape and fine art photography. Over the years, he has built one of the most valuable collections of stock photos in the country. Renowned photographer succeeded to publish photo in National Geography magazine.
www.ujwal.com.np Ujwal Bhattarai, am an amateur from Nepal and he generally photograph plants, insects, portraits, festivals and landscapes. Photography to him is an art form and its his way of paying tribute to god's creations and the magic called life.
www.wcn.org.np Wildlife Conservation Nepal, a non-governmental organization registered with the Government of Nepal, is not for profit organization. It was established with a view to protect and conserve natural heritage and disseminate information on environment and wildlife issues.
www.nfpj.com   National Forum of Photo Journalists (NFPJ) is a group of Photo Journalists working for daily newspapers, weekly, fortnightly and monthly magazines with the objective of promoting Photo Journalism activites and especially preserving and advocationg for the rights of Photo Journalism in Nepal.