Aishu Mathema, a successful freelance photographer, had not thought that his hobby of photography would turn into a profession when he first bought a camera (Nikon F50) back in 1999. There has been no turning back for this outstanding photographer ever since.

He enjoys capturing culture and nature as close as possible. Taking photography to be more than just a profession, he is passionate about the subject he exposes like the vividness of Nepalese festivals and cultures with their colourful hues, vivacious sound and the enigmatic chaos. For him every photograph is an artistic endeavor.

Aishu's another passion is macro photography in which he seems quite successful in magnifying the small world of nature that includes insects and flowers. He captures nature's surprises with fully equipped photography set, gifted fingers and the virtue of patience.

Proud possessor of latest photography gadgets, Aishu always finds himself among the colors of the festivals or in natures' wonder in search of the best subject he can possibly click.

He mostly takes pictures in a series as he plans to make documentaries in near future. Over the last few years, he has managed to create one of the largest and most diverse stocks of photography of Nepalese festivals and cultures.

With the experience of more than a decade as a graphic designer which he does simultaneously with the photography, he finds close connection between these two.

His photos have previously been published in "The Mask Dances of Nepal' by GTZ & UNESCO ISBN 9946-707-0-0 and in "12 Years Festival of Sankata Jatra" too.